Number of immigrants increases within each year


In 45% in comparison with the first quarter of 2013, the number of appeals of the foreigners and stateless persons has enlarged as to granting permission for immigration. It was reported by Eduard Dudkevych during the meeting of Department of SMS of Ukraine. Also, in one and half times the number of applications has increased as to stay term extension in Ukraine of the foreigners and stateless persons. In general, since the beginning of the year, 83 and 23 persons respectively addressed to Bykovyn Migration Service.

The specialists of Department on work with refugees and foreigners are sure that the tendency of increase in the number of immigrants and foreigners staying in Ukraine is temporal, it is stable and will stay a such from now on. Recent introduction of control strengthening for the stay terms of the citizens of Russian Federation in Ukraine will also influence these processes. As namely Russians compose the greater part of migrants and foreigners residing in Bukovyn. There are about 50% among those who are documented by the certificate on permanent residence. Those issuing the certificate for temporary residence through the reunion with the family are more than 20%.

In general, according to data of Department of SMS of Ukraine in Chernivtsi oblast, about 5 000 foreigners are registered and temporary or permanently reside in Bukovyn.