Afghani, two Moldavians and two Transcarpathians intended to get to Slovakia


BorderguardsofChopDetachmentstoppedseveralattemptsofillegal cross of the state border.

In the first, two boys without documents intended to get to Slovakia. However, the alarm set and quick reaction of the operative group of BS “Uzhgorod” did not allowed them to realize their plan.

According to the words of the violators, they were citizens of the Republic of Moldova , 1993 and 1995 year of birth. After continuous stay  in Ukraine , young people have decided to go to their relatives, who as if live in Italy, and the route through the village of Onokovtsy, they arranged with the help of internet service Google maps.

One more ” traveler ” was detained by the border guards of “Chop” at the railway station. The border guards were forced not to let the man to Slovakia, who gave the invalid document of Afghan citizen for passport control.

In addition, also two our countrymen were detained at the Ukrainian- Slovakian border, who were travelling to the neighbouring country without documents and bypassing checkpoints.

All violators were delivered to the subdivision to identify those ascertain the circumstances of the offense and making administrative procedure documents. The decision on responsibility before the law and their further fate will be determined by the court.