Refugee from Somalia will have to give birth in Uzhgorod


OnebravecitizenofSomaliawasapprehendedbytheborderguardsofBS“Uzhgorod”. The woman intended to get to Slovakia by illegal way and had no any documents identifying her personality. As it was soon established, the violator was in a prenatal state and according to her words she could give birth during two weeks.

However, the story has not finished here. According to the results of data base investigation and cooperation with colleagues from Eastern region, Chop border guards found out that this woman had already been detained for the same infringement in the area of Sumy Detachment on May 4 of the current year.

After detention and case consideration in the court, this woman applied to Department of Migration Service in Sumy aiming at getting refugee status in Ukraine. After being issued the corresponding certificate the woman started towards the western border in order to get to one of EU countries.

After delivery of the detainee to Chop Detachment medical workers conducted her examination and placed her at separate room. The woman had no any complaints on her health. Decision on responsibility before the law and her further destiny will be defined by the court.