In Odessa and Transcarpathia 2 Syrians and 4 Somalis were detained


The channel of illegal migration of the citizens of Syria from Moldova was disclosed by the staff of State Border Guard Service in Odessa oblast.

The car was stopped for the check in the border area, namely in the suburb of the village Bilyaiivka, by the border guards of BS “Yasky” Belgorod-Dnistrovskyi Detachment. It was established that the driver, citizen of Ukraine, took two citizens without documents introducing themselves as the citizens of Syria. In order to clear up the circumstances of the infringement there was an interview, during which Syrians reported that the driver organized and took direct part in their illegal transportation through the state border of Ukraine. So far, the details of the infringement are verified.

Besides, border guards of Chop Detachment detained illegal migrants travelling to Slovakia. Law enforcement agents of BS “Stuzhytsya” stopped 4 travelers in the distance of one kilometer before the state border. Detainees explained the border guards that they were the migrants from Somalia of the age 19 – 21, however, no document could prove it. Also, they reported that they intended to get illegally to the territory of European Union aiming at looking for better life conditions. Verification measures are undertaken concerning the violators.