Since the beginning of economic crisis about 10 thousand Ukrainians have become refugees

20-05-2014 Since the beginning of crisis in Ukraine about 10 thousand Ukrainians have been forced to become refugees. According to data of UNO, first of all, such a tendency touched Crimean Tatars. The United Nations Organization (UNO) has reported on about 10 000 Ukrainian citizens being forced to leave their homes from the beginning of the crisis. Such data are provided in the report of UNHCR published on May 20 in Geneva. According to the report, the first refugees appeared in the Crimea yet before the “Referendum” on joining to Russia, after which RF annexed Ukrainian peninsula against the regulations of international law. Deputy of general secretary of UNO on human rights, Ivan Simonovych warns about the flow of the refugees from the east of Ukraine. It is connected not only with current safety situation as well as with social and economic perspectives for the population. Ultimately, the Crimean Tatars were displaced. However, as to the report, for some time past messages are received from the peninsula about the growth in the number of refugees among people of Ukrainian and Russian origin as well as Ukrainian-Russian families. Let us recall that the Crimea became the first epicenter of instability in Ukraine after escape of the ex-president Viktor Yanukovych. After peninsula annexation by Russia, the separatist moods and in consequence military formation of the fighters spread over the east of Ukraine. It was recently reported that from 13 to 18 thousand persons were forced to resettle from the annexed Crimea to continental Ukraine. As it was informed by the chairman of public organization “Ukrainian home” Andrey Schekun, according to official data of Ministry of Social Policy, the number of refugees from the Crimea is about 13 thousand persons: about 8 thousand Crimeans and approximately five thousand families of servicemen relocated from the peninsula. “Our data differs to the side of increase because many people leaving the Crimea are not registered, and our number is about 18 thousand at the present moment”, – it was reported by Schekun. Source: