Chop border guards summed up the results of activity since the beginning of the year


Chop Border Detachment hold a service meeting to sum up the results of the activity for the current year. The board and officers of border detachment as well as the chiefs of the departments being placed in Uzhgorod, Perechyn, and V.Bereznyi regions participated in the meeting.

As it was marked by the first chief deputy of the detachment, the guarding of the border in the area of Chop detachment was realized in the conditions of sufficiently tense atmosphere, which is mainly preformed by the flow of illegal migrants. This year border guards apprehended 15% more illegal migrants in comparison with the similar period in 2013, herein, the number of all cases of detention has decreased in quarter. It testifies about the enlargement in the quantity of the groups of “travelers”. For example, the group of illegal migrants contained of 33 persons was detained in March not far from Uzhgorod.

In general, in the course of the reporting period of the present year the subdivisions of border control detained 102 illegal migrants. When realizing passport control there were 2 forged, 2 someone and 40 invalid passport documents detected.  About 180 persons were let through the border, in 109 cases there were violations as to stay rules by the foreigners in Ukraine. 264 persons were called to administrative responsibility and fined for the sum of more than 450 thousand UAH.