Refugees are proposed to go either to Transcarpathia or to central Ukraine


Ministry of Social Policy assures that it is ready to provide all residents from the south-eastern part of the country with the housing, who are enforced to leave their homes because of danger to life. However, it certifies that there are different opportunities to shelter refugees in different regions of Ukraine. The most preferred cities for the settlers are still Kyiv and Lvov, however in the Ministry it is reported that the resources of these cities are limited: “We should mark that Kyiv and Lvov, where the migrants arrive more massively, there are certain difficulties in the number of places to locate and at the moment the government works upon the solution of the problem in increase of their number”.  People are proposed to go to Cherkassy, Vinnytsya and Zaporozhskaya oblasts and Transcarpathia, where according to the words of the authorities there is a sufficient number of places to live. Besides, it is stressed that residents of Donbass and the Crimea are to clear information about living conditions in those regions, where they are going to get beforehand.

Situation on social support of internal migrants in Ukraine has aroused sharply after annexation of the Crimea. As to May 8, the peninsula was left by about 8000 residents.