New website “Vostok-SOS” is organized for refugees from Donetsk to Uzhgorod


More and more Ukrainians want to move from the eastern oblasts of Ukraine to calm central and western ones, and volunteers are ready to help them in this.  The cconsolidated website site was created specifically for these purposes. Since April, the project team helped only inhabitants from Luhansk at the site, and on May 12 clone has started throughout the region. The activists promise refugees to find housing, work and legal assistance. Also, anyone can offer their services to compatriots on a charitable basis. To apply for resettlement, one needs to fill a form entering personal data and information on the composition of the family. You can also add relocation preferences – where, when and by what transport you would like to move. In addition to assistance on resettlement, on the site donations are collected for the armed forces of Ukraine, who beat out the terrorist groups from the region in the frames of Antiterrorist Operation (ATO). The site is constantly updated with the information on the current situation in the East, and the reports are also published about the work of volunteers and application of donations that are received on account of the organization. Earlier, before the annexation of the Crimea, the activists launched an interactive map of places willing to accept refugees from the peninsula at the community “Crimea SOS».

Resident from the whole country assisted refugees – from Lviv and Uzhgorod to Donetsk and Luhansk.