145 families from Autonomous Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol moved to Zhytomyr oblast


… as to June 3, 145 family-migrants arrived to Zhytomyr oblast. 322 persons addressed for assistance in solution of social and everyday issues to bodies of governmental bodies.

As to June 3, 126 Crimean migrants addressed to Department of SMS of Ukraine in Zhytomyr oblast and territorial subdivisions on the issues of preparation of administrative services, the majority of them appealed on the issues of registration of residence place (76 persons) and removal from the registry from AR Crimea (58 persons), for 15 persons residence place was registered for 6 months, for 9 persons – photos were pasted into the passports of the citizen of Ukraine upon reaching the age of 25 and 45, 8 passports of the citizens of Ukraine were drawn and 15 – passports of the citizens of Ukraine for traveling abroad, 3 persons received passports of the citizens of Ukraine with input data about children in them and 2 travel children documents were issued for traveling abroad .

Source: http://dmsu.gov.ua/novyny/360-u-rehionakh/zhytomyrska-oblast/2717-145-simei-z-avtonomnoi-respubliky-krym-ta-mista-sevastopolia-pereikhaly-na-zhytomyrshchynu