Russian posed as Uzbek was detained in “Boryspil”


Border guards of Separate check point “Kyiv” detained a passenger in the airport “Boryspil”, who traveled to Istanbul. The man presented the passport of the citizen of Uzbekistan for the check, however, the law enforcement agents established that the document was false. As it was verified later on, the violator was the citizen of Russia in reality. He explained that he came from Caucasian region to Ukraine in spring last year as he was subjected to oppressions. The man, being Muslim, also reported that for a long time he stayed in the east and south of the country with religious purpose. But, within situation worsening in these regions, he intended to leave Ukraine and to go abroad, where one of his families lived. For this aim he as if bought the forgery, because according to his words, the passport for traveling abroad was taken away by Russian law enforcement agents. So far, his further destiny will be defined by the court.