Ukraine does not see any refugees at the border on Russia, they are only seen in Russia


State Border Guard Service of Ukraine informs that no citizens of Ukraine expressed their wish to get refugee status in Russia. But, Russian Mass Media spread information about thousands refugees from the southern-eastern Ukraine, who were accepted by Rostov oblast during the last day and the number of which is growing within each day. They are referring to information spread by Children’s Ombudsman attached to the president of Russian Federation, Pavel Astakhov. It is mentioned that in the course of the day 11417 citizen of Ukraine crossed the border on Russia. For example, on June 2, this number reached 11151 citizens of Ukraine and the days before on May 30 it comprised– 15380 Ukrainians. Almost the same number of Ukrainian cross Ukrainian-Russian border to enter Ukraine. Besides, we shall remind that some days ago Pavlo Astakhov also spread information that as if there was detention of the bus with children on the border on Russia by Ukrainian border guards and that the children had to leave Ukraine on foot. However, no vehicle with children was detained at the border, including children-refugees to Russia.