Since the beginning of the year 600 Ukrainians asked asylum in Poland


Since the beginning of the current year Migration Service of Poland has received more than 600 applications from Ukrainian as to getting asylum. Polish authority states that in the course of the last quarter the intensity of refugees’ flow from Ukraine is at least 30-40 timeshigher than the usual level being fixed in the previous years.

OnTuesday, June 10, PolishwebsiteofAdministrationonForeigners’ Affairs (UDSC) publishedconsolidated statistics as to asylum seekers getting to Poland from Ukraine.

Since the beginning of the year, 629 residents of Ukraine asked asylum in Poland. The overwhelming majority of this number of inquiries was submitted after revolution and after the start of Ukrainian-Russian conflict. In the course of incomplete second quarter of 2014, i.e. only during 2 months and 10 days, the number of application on getting refugee status have exceeded 400 and goes on to grow up daily.

Comparing the period of the year 2013, only 46 applications were submitted from the persons wishing to get refugee status, i.e. only 11 persons per quarter. In total, during 11 previous years (2003 – 2013) 663 Ukrainians applied for refugee status to Warsaw.

The growth of the flow of refugees is also confirmed by Ukrainian State Border Guard Service – few of them declare officially their intentions to ask asylum in Poland. Meanwhile, Poland does not hurry up to satisfy the requests of Ukrainians.

According to data of UDSC, so far there are almost 100 applications being terminated, which were submitted in the current year. In 67 cases Polish government has officially rejected to provide asylum, and in 31 cases a decision is made on closing of the cases (most likely, Ukrainian asylum-seekers refused from the application themselves).  No positive decision has been made on the number of applications dated by the current year.

At the same time, according to data of UNIAN (informational agency) even within such pace of growth, Ukrainians have not become the leaders in the statistics of Polish Immigration Service. Ukrainians posses the second place according to the number of submitted applications after the citizens of Russian Federation (Chechen nationality) as reported by the Agency with reference upon online-information of UDSC.