Four illegal migrants from Ghana and Cote d’Ivoir were detained near the border on Poland


Four illegal migrants were detained nearby the border on Poland by the border guards of Lviv Detachment. Local residents informed about the appearance of unfamiliar people. Border detail of BS “Grushev” checked the specified direction and detected two men, according to their words they were from Ghana. Besides, the service dog participating in the search showed by its behavior the direction of movement of two possible violators. Soon, the border guards apprehended a trespasser 200 m before the state border, the second one was detained afterwards. The travelers reported that they had arrived from Cote d’Ivoir, however, like other detainees, they had not any documents. The man told that they were delivered to wood locality nearby the border for the money award. However, lateron, asbeing not in the know of their location, they stayed in the forest for night. An attempt to cross the border finished by the meeting with Ukrainian border guards for all of them. Now, law enforcement agents delivered the detainees to subdivision in order to process administrative protocols and establish their personalities. Their further destiny will be decided by the court.