Ten Uzbeks intended to cross the border in “Boryspil” with forged documents


Border guards of Separate check point “Kyiv” detected 10 violators at once during the passport control. Verifying the documents, border guards noticed the signs of State Border Guard Service of unestablished standard in the documents of ten citizens of Uzbekistan making their way to Kazakhstan.

The men reported that they arrived to Ukraine six months ago and were working in one of capital building firms. They also explained that their passports for travelling abroad were taken by the employer after their arrival, and he returned them before the departure together with forged signs and residence permits. He recommended to come back to their country of origin as if because of the decrease in the volume of construction work. According to the present fact of infringement, a report was sent to police officers.

Source:  http://dpsu.gov.ua/ru/about/news/news_4476.htm