521 persons arrived to Transcarpathia from the Crimea and regions of ATO realization


521 persons, among which there are a lot of little children and disabled persons, have found shelter on the territory of Transcarpathian oblast.

Just this number of the citizens has been registered in the regional headquarter on issues connected with social provision of the citizens of Ukraine being displaced from the temporarily occupied territory and regions, where ATO (anti-terroristic operation) is conducted. The overwhelming majority of persons were settled in Uzhgorod and Mukachevo regions. According to the order of the head of Transcarpathian Oblast State Administration Valeriy Lunchenko No. 202, the regional headquarter was formed to coordinate the aid organization of displacement of persons from the regions of ATO realization and creation of appropriate conditions for their temporary residence and social support.

The citizens displacing can address for aid by the phone: +38 (0312) 61-22-20.
Also, free governmental “hot line” works in 24-hour regimen — 0 800 507 309.