Group of children leaves their homes in Donetsk and moves temporarily to Transcarpathia


The staff of Department of State Emergency Service of Ukraine in Transcarpathian oblast met the group of children, who were forced to leave their homes because of anti-terrorist operation in Donetsk and temporarily move to Transcarpathia.

The settlers were placed to hotel complex “Shypot Karpat” located in picturesque village Pylypets, Mizhhirrya region. The head of State Emergency Service personally checked the conditions of their stay. He got acquainted with the children and promised to help them.

“Operative Rescue Service of Transcarpathian oblast shall assist and support all citizens displaced in this complicated for them time. No family in need of this assistance shall stay without attention”, – it was marked by the head rescuer of the oblast.

Besides, excursion was organized for the children to one of the seven wonders of Ukraine – waterfall Shypot, which is located at a foot of the mountain Hymba.

During the rest with the children, the psychologists of State Emergency Service communicated with them in order to draw their attention from problems and sad thoughts as well as to comfort with interesting stories and legends hided by Transcarpathian land.