Turk hided his real passport in the shoe


Borderguards of Lutsk Detachment detained a citizen presenting his forged passport of the citizen of Bulgaria at the international checkpoint “Yagodyn-railway station”. During the border control of the train “Kyiv-Warsaw” aborder guards’ suspicionastothepassportsofone of the passengers was aroused. In a result of thorough inspection of the document, the border guards established that it was partially forged by means of changing the page with constituent data of the bearer. The foreigner confessed immediately that he was the citizen of Turkey of 1969 DOB and took his real passport from the shoe, with the help of which he arrived to Ukraine. The man explained that in such a way he planned to get to Germany aiming at finding job, and passport was bought for € 2.5 thousand. So far, the traveler will be punished as to administrative responsibility for attempt to cross the state border illegally and criminal responsibility for using intentionally forged document.

Source: http://dpsu.gov.ua/ua/about/news/news_4494.htm