Transcarpathian SSU caught all organizers of unlawful transportation of illegal migrants


Organizer of unlawful transportation of illegal migrants was extradited from Romanian to Ukraine, who was concealing from law enforcement agents abroad…

The native of Chernivtsi oblast was extradited and delivered to Department of SSU in Transcarpathian oblast being the organizer of unlawful transportation of persons through the state border, who was concealed for a long time from the inquest abroad. It was proved that the organizer with three accomplices – residents of Vynohradiv region in April-May 2013 – smuggled 15 illegal migrants through Ukrainian-Hungarian state border. All stages of illegal activity from transportation of illegal migrants to their point of destination were clearly distributed among the malefactors. Three accomplices delivered illegal migrants to border area, waiting for them at Hungarian side the organizer himself accompanied them to the point of destination.

In May 2013, SSU officers detained two cars in the highway Khust-Vynohradiv, where two malefactors transported four citizens of Sri Lanka and one Syrian. The agents established at once one more accomplice and organizer of the smuggling channel.

Three members of the criminal grouping were notified of suspicion in crime commitment stipulated  by Part 3 Article 332 (illegal transportation of persons through the state border of Ukraine) of Crime Code of Ukraine.

In order to avoid criminal responsibility, the malefactors crossed Ukrainian state border illegally after bailment appointed by the court. All members of unlawful activity, as well as the organizer, were put on the international wanted list by Department of SSU in Transcarpathian oblast.

In January of the current year the location of the smuggler-organizer was established, he was apprehended by border police during attempt to cross Romanian-Moldavian border.

In June of the current year he was extradited to Ukraine and  he was notified of suspicion according to Part 3 Article 332 of Crime Code of Ukraine. Astothecourtdecision, suspectedwassentencedtodetention. So far, the accomplices were detained in Czech Republic and expect for the extradition to Ukraine.