Traveler from Cote d’Ivoire intended to cross the border of Transcarpathia at night


Border guards of Chop Detachment detected a violator with the help of thermal imager. Unfamiliar person was in a hurry to cross Ukrainian-Slovakian border at about midnight. Border detail of BS “Uzhgorod” disturbed the plans of the traveler, who was stopped some tens meters before the state border. The traveler reported that he was from Cote d’Ivoire, but he had no documents to prove his nationality. Filtration and checking measures are undertaken as to the violator.

Reminding, on July 7, staff of SSU of Chernovtsy oblast and border guards of Zhytomyr Detachment detained 9 illegal migrants in the area of BS “Kopysche” in the course of joint actions. These were 3 citizens of Sudan, 2 from Vietnam, 2 from Eritrea and 2 from Bangladesh.