Russia recognizes almost all Ukrainians crossing Ukrainian-Russian border as refugees


Russian Mass Media and separate officials declare about hundreds thousand Ukrainian refugees going to Russia. However, State Border Guard Service of Ukraine informs that the general passenger flow at Ukrainian-Russian area of the border comprises 4.631 million persons, and in 2013 during the period March-June – 9.346 million). Citizens of Ukraine cross the Russian border less in 18% (March-June 2014 this area was passed and crossed by 2.922 million Ukrainians, in March-June 2013 – 3.580 million).

Citizens of Ukraine crossing the border on Russia from March to June 2014, 1.54 million persons left Ukraine and – 1.38 million persons entered. However, the indexes of Ukrainians’ departure are rather higher than ones of those entering the country – they completely correspond to the indexes of the year 2013: from March to June 1.89 million Ukrainians left Ukraine, and – 1.68 million entered the country. But just in May 2014 almost 200 thousand Ukrainians more entered Russia in comparison with the last year (2014 – 344 thousand Ukrainians, 2013– 538 thousand), in June almost in 100 thousand less (2014– 403 thousand Ukrainians, 2013 – 507 thousand).  It is also worth to remember that these are the indexes in a tourist and health resort periods during which the passenger-transport flow increases at the border.

While crossing the border Ukrainians often report that they go on vacation, on business or to visit relatives. Usually, there are those, who because of political crisis in the east of Ukraine are forced to leave their homes and depart to other regions of Ukraine, and those to Russia, as many Ukrainians have relatives and close friends in Russia.  However, during the cross of the border to Russia no citizen of Ukraine expressed their wish to get refugee status in Russia, in fact they state that will definitely return home.

Russian Mass Media and officials transfer almost all Ukrainians traveling to Russia to the category of refugees.