Moldavian intended to cross the border hiding in luggage space among postings


29-year-old citizen of Moldova intending to get to Ukraine hiding among the postings was detected recently by the border guards of Chop Detachment.  In the course of border control and check of the mini bus “Mercedes” traveling to Ukraine from Italy through the check point “Tysa” border guards paid attention to nervous behavior of the driver, citizen of Ukraine. The service dog felt something in the luggage space of the vehicle. Carrying out detailed investigation of the minibus the officers of the check point detected the man hiding under the blanket. He had no any documents identifying his personality. While implementing verification activities the “traveler” introduced himself as the citizen of Moldova. Also it was learned that working abroad the man lost his passport, thus he decided to come back home. So far, all circumstances are under establishment. Criminal case is commenced against the driver as to the signs of the crime stipulated by Part 1 Article 332 of Crime Code of Ukraine “Illegal transportation of persons through the state border of Ukraine”