Resident of Odessa failed to smuggle 9 Afghanis through Transcarpathia to Slovakia


SSU officers in Transcarpathian oblast disclosed and detained 29-year-old citizen of Aghanistan – resident of Odessa, who organized illegal transportation of his country fellows to the countries of EU and fled from the investigating agency. It was established that in the beginning of 2014 the foreigner planned to smuggle 9 citizes of Afghanistan through Transcarpathia to Slovakia.

First, illegal migrants arrived by the regular bus from Odessa to Chernovtsy. From there the organizer’s accomplices had to deliver illegal migrants to Velykyi Bereznyi region, Transcarpathian oblst, to border area to smuggle them beyond the check point. However, law enforcement agents detained the group of illegal migrants coming to Transcarpathia. The agents ascertained the organizer at once. In the frames of open criminal proceeding, the investigators of SSU in accordance with Article 332 Part 2 (illegal transportation of persons through the state border f Ukraine) of Crime Code of Ukraine the suspected persons was announced to search in February.

In June of the current year, SSU established the location of the organizer of illegal transportation of persons. He was hiding in Kyiv living for some period in a rented dwelling. SSU officers detained him nearby the railway station at one of capital facilities. The malefactor was delivered to investigation department of Administration of SSU in Transcarpathian oblast. He was informed about suspicion in crime commitment stipulated by Article 332 Part 2 of Crime Code of Ukraine.

Concerning the detainee imprisonment was chosen as measure of restrain. Persons involving in this activity are under establishment. Pretrial inquiry goes on.