Transcarpathia would like to participate in UNO refugee project


TheheadofOblastAdministration Valeriy Luchenko sent a letter to Regional Representative of UNHCR in Republic of Belarus, Republic of Moldova and Ukraine, Oldrih Andrysek concerning the participation of Transcarpathian oblast in the Project of UNO Agency on refugees’ issues…

In particular, the following was said in the letter – citizens from the Crimea and the eastern areas arrive to the oblast. Funds for their social support are taken from the oblast program “Care”. Theyalsogetassistancefrompublicorganizations.

Regardless of efforts of government agencies and the public, certain difficulties arise with settlement of the citizens (dwellinginthehotelsdoesalways notsuit thefamilies with little children).

Thus, participation of Transcarpathia oblast in the Project stipulating the option of lump-sum payment helped more socially vulnerable citizens to pay out the expenditures connected with the settlement to more adapted accommodation.