Google maps “gave away” two Georgians just to the hands of Transcarpathian border guards


In the frames of actions as to strengthening of counteraction to illegal migration Transcarpathian border guards detained two people from the Caucasus region during the past day.

In the course of monitoring of Ukrainian-Slovak border in the area of BS “Uzhgorod”, two persons were detected from an observation watchtower, who were moving towards the border.

Task force arrived to the area secretly, it allowed unknown persons to approach to engineering structures closer, and while overcoming them the strangers were detained.

At the place of occurrence the violators reported that they were natives of Georgia, but had no any documents verifying their identity.

Also “pseudo-travellers” mentioned that they made their way to Slovakia, and then they planned to get to Western Europe. By the way, according to the man’s recognition, they planned the route through Ukrainian-Slovak border with the help of the Internet service Google maps.

The violators were brought to the department to clarify the circumstances of the violation and process administrative and procedural documents. The decision on responsibility before the law and destiny of the detainees will be defined by the court.