Citizens of Vietnam, Palestine, Syria come in flocks to EU countries through Transcarpathia


Staff of MOI together with the border guards detected and detained a group of illegal migrants, in the number of 8 persons, in the course of special operation conduct in the suburb of the village of Storozhnytsya.

Out of them: 7 males and only one woman without documents; 3 persons – citizens of Syria, 3 men and a woman – fromVietnam and a citizen of Palestine, who were moving towards the state border to the 317th border sign located in the village of Storozhnytsya. They intended to cross illegally the state border of Ukraine beyond the international check point for automobile connection “Uzhgorod”. Abovementioned persons were delivered to the Border Department “Uzhgorod” for filtration actions processing and administrative and procedural documents preparation.

Investigation goes on…