30 to 50 persons arrive from the Crimea and ATO zone every day


It was said by co-chairman of the regional headquarter of Transcarpathian region on issues of social provision of the citizens of Ukraine displacing from the temporarily occupied territory and areas of ATO realization.

– All refugees addressing to the temporary headquarter are provided with the dwelling, – he assured. Thus, theofficialspecified that there are enough places to accept new migrants.

To the point, 30-50 persons arrive every day. Generally, 277 Crimeans and 1200 residents of eastern regions have already arrived since the beginning of the conflict on the territory of the country.

In total – about1500 persons, more than half a thousand of them are children and more than two hundred are old persons and handicapped. Noteworthy, there are only 200 capable men among the general number of the migrants.

It is connected with reluctance to be registered officially. Someone does not need it just because of complete financial security (correspondingly there is no necessity to apply for official support), and someone is afraid of possible consequences.

However, as we were assured by the co-chairman, there are no any consequences of the official registration.

But on the other hand, it gives a right to get dwelling and financial support. The last one is arranged in accordance with a rather flexible principle and depends on the needs of each separate family: someone is sufficient with the support on dwelling payment, the others need even money for the food.

In any case, the assistance is received by each, who is in need. For this purpose, in particular almost 2 million UAH is allotted to Regional Program“Care”.