Border guards apprehended 4 Africans in the mountains of Lviv region

17-09- 2014

Three citizens of Republic of Guinea and one Congolese were apprehended by the border guards of BS “Boberka” securing the complicate mountainous area of the state border of Prykarpattya.

The border guards received information from operative sources about the appearance of 4 unfamiliar persons of African appearance in the suburb of the village Boberka, Turkivskyi district. The search of the unknown persons was organized immediately. Some time passed and the district inspector detained the wanted persons 300 m before the line of the state border. These were four migrant from Central Africa. The men were of the age 25 to 35. In order to come to a better understanding, the border guards had to involve the translator of French language. The detainees explained that they arrived to Ukraine some weeks ago aiming at getting to the countries of European Union. Strange man assisted them for certain sum of money, who brought them from Lviv in the morning. The man showed them the direction of Poland, took money and ran. However, they could not reach the border as the border guards had been already waiting for them.

The documents on administrative infringement were processed as to the attempt to cross the state border of Ukraine illegally and were sent for consideration to the court.