Transcarpathian district inspectors have already detected tens of illegal migrants



Preventive operation “Migrant” initiated by the General Directorate of the State Migration Service of Ukraine continues in the Transcarpathian region.

Mukachevo law enforcement officers have also joined this preventive actions, and namely police inspectors.

The purpose of this operation is prevention and counteraction to illegal migration and other violations of the law of Ukraine in the sphere of migration and violators’ attraction to the responsibility in accordance with applicable law.

On this occasion, Deputy Chief of Mukachevo Town Police Department Valery Horvat conducted an operative meeting aiming at defining the strategy and tactics of the operation, clearly determining the tasks placed before the personnel involved in the operation “Migrant”.

During the meeting a plan of actions for the supervision and control over the observance of legislation in the sphere of ​​migration was elaborated, namely checks of possible residential places of the foreigners, discovering the breaches of rules on stay on the territory of Ukraine, etc.

At the same time Mr. Valery drew attention of the law enforcement agencies to the fact that in the course of operation “Migrant” it is necessary to ensure strict observance of the foreigners and stateless persons’ rights guaranteed by the legislation of Ukraine.

While conducting the practical phase of the operation, police inspectors have already recorded about ten administrative violations.