UNO: 330 thousand persons applied for refugee status in developed countries


Thenumberofpersonsseekingasylumindevelopedcountriesgrows. The reason is the war in Syria and Iraq and instability in Afghanistan and Eritrea.  

It was said in the report of UNHCR published on September 26. According to data of UNO, from January-June 2014 more than 330 persons applied for refugee status in 44 countries. It is 24% more in comparison with analogue period of the previous year.

According to data of UNO based on the historic tendencies, the number of seekers in the second half of each year enlarges. Thus, in 2014 the quality of persons seeking asylum can reach 700 thousand. Two thirds of these applications has fallen upon six countries – Germany, the USA, France, Sweden, Turkey and Italy.

Syria was the main country people looked for asylum. Iraq and Afghanistan followed in the list.