Border guards detained three travelers trying illegally to get to EU countries


Three migrants from Sudan making their way towards the state border were apprehended in the evening by the border guards of Mostytskyi Detachment. Local residents informed the border guards about the men of African appearance wondering in the suburb of the settlement Shegeni. Border detail started immediately to the place and detained the “travelers”. The men did not have documents, however, according to their words they were the citizens of Republic of Sudan and they planned to get to one of the countries of European Union aiming at employment. So far, the actions are undertaken as to establishment of their personalities and circumstances of the infringement.

In general, in the course of 8 months of the year 2014 the staff of State Border guards Service of Ukraine apprehended more than 1700 illegal migrants, of them about 560 persons were detained for illegal cross of the state border, more than 6 300 potential illegal migrants were rejected in entering the territory of Ukraine.