Google maps did not help Caucasians to avoid Transcarpathian border guards


9-8079687564534In the frames of actions undertaken as to the counteraction to illegal migration, Chop border guards detained two migrants from Caucasian region…

Information about the movement of two unfamiliar persons towards the Ukrainian-Slovakian border was received by the border guards beforehand. Consequently, the operative group arrived to the place secretly, these persons were detained. Detainees reported that they were the citizens of Georgia, however, they could not prove it by documents. The travelers said that they made their way to Slovakia from where they planned to get to Germany. Also, the men confessed that their route through Ukrainian-Slovakian border they had already planned in Georgia with the help of the Internet-Service Google maps.

The violators were delivered to the subdivision the aim of which was to establish the circumstances of the violation and process administrative and procedural documents. Decision on responsibility before the law and the further destiny of the violators will be determined by the court.