Number of migrants from ATO has reached 350 persons


According to data of UNO in Ukraine, the official number is 295 thousand migrants.

The official number of the migrants from the zone of anti-terroristic operation implemented in the east of Ukraine comprises 305 thousand persons. It was reported by the Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk. “There have been already 350 thousand migrants. It is only the official number of the migrants from the area of ATO” – he said.

The Prime Minister reminded that all migrants would be registered at Special Register and the government had already made a number of decisions on processing personal payments.  The Prime Minister asked assistance for the authority from the representatives of Ukrainian Churches on the issues of migrants’ adaptation.

“I would like to ask your assistance, the church to help survive winter for the migrants, for people without work, persons seeking their families, their homes”, – Yatsenyuk said during the meeting with the representatives of Ukrainian churches.

According to the figures of United Nations Organization, as of September 30 there are 295 migrants officially registered in Ukraine.