Arabs failed to get to Belgium on Google maps, they were stopped in Uzhgorod



Last weekend due to the received information in time, border guards of BS “Uzhgorod” managed to stop the next attempt of the illegal cross of the state border.

In a result of conducting the qualified actions on the search of the violators, two illegal migrants were apprehended in the suburb of the regional centre, traveling to EU beyond the check point. The trespassers leaving to reach two hundred meters to the cherished border on Slovakia explained to the border guards that they were the citizens of Syria, however, they had no any documents to prove it.

The service Google maps was named as their guide. Belgium was their point of destination.

Aiming at processing administrative and procedural documents, the violators were delivered to the subdivision. Decision on responsibility before the law and their further destiny will be defined by the court.

It will be recalled that last week, the border guards of Chop Detachment detained two citizens of Georgia, who were also planning to cross Ukrainian-Slovakian border with the help of the Internet service Google maps.