Number of internally displaced persons in Ukraine has reached almost one million


According to data of UNHCR as of January 16, 2015, the number of internally displaced persons from Donbass and Crimea comprised 853 301 person. Of them about 3 thousand persons settled in Transcarapathia.

Traditionally, the most outflow of population is observed on the territory of Donetsk region, from where 303 172 persons left the occupied territory and Luhansk region, from where 90 000 persons departed from the area under control of Ukrainian militaries.

Temporary shelter in Kharkiv was found by about 107 350 displaced persons, in Kyiv and capital region – by almost 96 000 persons, 62 787 and 58 795 persons – in Zaporizhya and Dnepropetrovsk correspondingly.

UNO deputy of General Secretary Jeffry Feltman reports that due to data received from Ukrainian authorities, the quantity of internally displaced persons has increased up to 850 thousand persons, yet more than 600 thousand moved to the neighboring countries.

He made this statement on January 21, during the meeting of Security Council of UNO in New York.

«Situation goes on worsening in a result of conflict escalation. The country having no any IDPs a year ago now counts 850 thousand within the country, more than 600 thousand in the neighboring countries », – Feltman marked.

It will be recalled that according to the operative information as of January 12, 633 836 are resettled from the Crimea and areas of anti-terroristic operation to other regions of Ukraine.