The first group of refugees from Ukraine arrived to Czech Republic


5960796857463524The first of ethnic Czechs arrived to Prague from Ukraine deciding to migrate to their historical homeland in connection with the worsening of the situation in the area they still had lived. Novogorodovka (till 1946 — Czechgrad), from which the bus started, is located not far from the places where until quite recently there were the fights between the Ukrainian army and pro-Russian separatists. In the mid-March almost 40 persons out of the number of ethnic Czechs arrived to Prague by a special army aircraft. The rest of the displaced persons shall get to the Czech Republic till the end of August. In total, during the special action connected with the opening of the Czech Consulate in Odessa, 140 permissions were issued for the arrival and drawing up of permanent residence documents.

The Aid Program to displaced persons of the number of ethnic Czechs financed by Czech government provides for arrangement of the arrived citizens into the MOI hostels and rendering them one-time financial support. The assistance will also be granted in the process of job and permanent residence search.