The football player from Guinea traveled to Warsaw by a false passport


thumb_news_20150202_122154_1422872514Recently the border guards detained the violator from Guinea in the checkpoint “Yagodyn” of Lutsk Detachment. He was detected among the passengers in the regular bus making its way from Kyiv to Warsaw. The man presented his passport of the Belgium citizen for checking. However, the border guards noticed at once that the picture in the documents belonged to another person. During the conversation, the man said that a few years ago he came to play football in one of Ukraine’s leading football clubs, but the selection was finished, so he had to play in the clubs of lower division, where he received a lower salary. In order to find the best conditions of employment, he decided to go to another EU country buying a false passport for 400 euro. The protocols on administrative violation were drawn up as to the attempt of illegally cross of the state border. Further on, the violator will be expelled from Ukraine in compulsory order.