Czech Republic better accepts Ukrainians rather than citizen of Syria and Eritrea


4_main-0In the next two years Czech Republic shall be obliged to accept at least 1300 refugees from Syria and Eritrea. European Commission has made a statement on such a proposal. Under the concept of European Commission, the countries being the EU members will accept 40 000 refuges in the course of two years.

The Czech quota is minimally 1328 persons. Acceptance, holding, “pocket money” to each of the migrant will cost the country € 6000 at least estimate. Also, European Commission has proposed a quota on refugees and persons appealing for political asylum from other countries. Czech Republic “got” 525 persons. The government of Czech Republic opposes this number of refugees and regards that they have to be assisted at “the place of their residence”, however in according with the EU standards Czech Republic cannot repudiate the unified rules if they will cover the entire European Union.

The Vice-Minister Andrey Babysh supposes that Czech Republic better accepts Ukrainians rather that the citizens of Syria and Eritrea.

The direction of the Czech government immediately reacted upon the proposal of European Commission as to the quotas for the refugees.

The Prime Minister Boguslav Sobotka reported: “We do not agree with the system of the obligatory quotas. We shall make decisions ourselves – whom to accept on the territory of the country, who will get assistance considering the social and economic aspects as well as issues of state security.”

The Vice-Minister and Minister of Finances Andrey Babysh, in his turn, regards that Czech Republic shall provide aid to Slavic nations, namely to the citizens of Ukraine appearing in crisis situation. “We are Slavic, if Czech Republic has the problem with labor force, so we shall establish the migration policy considering the people assimilation”, – Babysh mentioned.