Two residents of Odessa were detained for transporting illegal migrants to EU


1395392037-8528Two resident of Odessa were apprehended at the border in Transcarpathia together with 8 illegal migrants: 5 Vietnamese and 3 Afghanis. All of them arrived to Transcarpathian previous night assisting by enterprising persons from Odessa. At night, the Transcarpathian border guards detained 8 illegal migrants in the road Kyiv-Chop. The officers of Department on Human Trafficking Fight together with the policemen from the PSS special designation company stopped the minibus for checking. There were five Vietnameses and three Afghanis inside the car. The persons had no any documents confirming the legality of the foreigners stay on the territory of Ukraine. The law enforcement agents apprehended two residents of Odessa who organized the transportation of illegal migrants to Transcarpathia.