There are about 3.5 thousand refugees in Transcarapathia: no perspectives to return


The majority of them have packed their lives to the suitcase. They name themselves in different way: at home among strangers, internally displaced persons. More often – refugees. Today, there is World Refugee Day. A year ago Ukraine just heard about the problems of foreign displaced persons, and today the war in Donbass turn out the millions of Ukrainians.

The people from Luhansk and Donetsk live in the hotel “Zalkarpatie”. There are more than 120 persons. The rooms are different here – from 12 to 20 square meters. The cost of this shelter is 1700 UAH per month. It is expensive for the pensioners, – IDP Tatyana is complaining. She arrived from Donetsk. During evacuation she came under fire. After injury she was unable to walk and now she is disabled person of group II.

About 3.5 thousand refugees have moved to Transcarpathian region. An attempt to be employed has not always been successful for these people. State Migration Service of Transcarapathia tells that displaced persons from the East are active applicants. In order to survive, yesterday’s directors become frontline workers.
The biggest problem for all refugees is accommodation.

In the course of four waves of resettlement, which was accepted by Transcarapathia, the flat rent has enlarged in many times. Before, the flat could be found for one thousand hryvnyas, elite one for 2.5 thousand UAH, now the average sum is 4-6 thousand per month.

The public organization formed of the very displaced persons has started to solve the problems of the refugees. The activists propose to municipal authority several options: allot land for construction of multistorey house for the refugees, either to transfer from municipal property outcast uncompleted construction projects to renew building.

Nowadays, the majority of the refugees from Luhansk and Donetsk have already crossed the point of non-return. They say they would return except perhaps after Ukraine’s victory to take their stuff, sell the housing and migrate to the Western Ukraine.