Afghani citizen with two children intended to get to Ukraine by forged documents


0673-700x421Border guards of Separate Check Point «Kyiv» did not pass the citizen of Afghanistan and her children with forged documents to Ukraine in the airport «Zhulyany». During the passport control the passengers arrived from Dubai, the border guards doubted in the validity of the passport documents of Great Britain presented by the woman with two children of 10 and 12 years old. In the result of the check it was established that the pages with information about the passport  owner were changed to forged ones. Later on, the woman showed her real documents. She was 32-years-old citizen of Afghanistan. Also, she reported that the final goal of her trip was Katovice, Poland. For this purpose, the false passport in Kabul was bought for the woman and her children by her relatives as well as the tickets.

Soon, the citizen of Afghanistan together with the children will be returned by a flyback.