Border guards exposed a violator by means of biometric data readout device


thumb_news_20150202_122154_1422872514Border guards of Separate check point “Kyiv” exposed a man with forged Hungarian passport for travelling abroad in the airport Boryspil. The man arrived by the flight from Hurgada, Egypt presenting the passport for travelling abroad of the Hungarian citizen. When checking the document, the sign of the bearer’s photo re-gluing was found. Due to the border guards’ opportunity to read out the data from the biometric mediums in the passport documents – suspicions were confirmed. The image of passport’s owner was written on the RFID-chip were completely different from the photo in the passport.

The piquancy of the situation was also that the pseudo-Hungarian arrived with his girlfriend and mother, who were sincerely surprised learning about their traveller’s forgery, So far, the measures are undertaken on person’s identification and his return to the country of origin.