Border guards apprehended three citizens of Ghana Republic


picThe border guards of Lutsk Detachment together with the officers of Volyn SSU detained 3 migrants from the Western Africa in the International Check Point “Yagodyn-railway station” in the course of joint measures. Two of them intended to leave Ukraine by someone’s documents, one more foreigner, the citizen of Belgium, was the organizer of this voyage. All foreigners presented ID-cards of the citizens of Belgium for control in the check point, mentioning that their passports were stolen during the trip in Kyiv. The border detail have detected immediately that two of them did not belong to the bearers after the examination. Further on, the law enforcement agents established that 37-year-old citizen of Belgium, migrant from Ghana, some days ago arrived to Ukraine with the tourist aim. During the personal inspection the real passport was exposed, which was as if stolen. So, 18-year old boy and 27-year-old woman confessed that they were the citizens of Ghana and by assistance of his country fellow after contacting him in Facebook intended to get to Germany.

So far, the personalities of the migrants are established and all conditions of the infringement are under clarification.