Border guards liquidated one more channel of illegal migrants transportation to EU countries in Transcarpathia


picComplex Inter-Agency Group in the composition of the staff of State Border Guard Service of Ukraine, MOI and Public Prosecutor’s Office exposed one more channel of illegal migrants in a result of conducted set of actions.

Information about its existence was received by the operative staff of the Border Department. In the frames of operative-searching actions the employees of the Western Regional Department, Lviv and Chop Border Detachments participated in establishment of the persons involved and movement routes.

Realizing the received information, the Inter-Agency Group detained 2 groups of “travelers” from Afghanistan in Transcarpathia. In total 7 citizens. Also, the guides transporting the illegal migrants by car were arrested. They were two citizens of Ukraine. They organized the delivery of Afghans from Lviv region to Transcarpathian.

A criminal proceeding is commenced. The infringement is documented. So far, the work is performed on detection of other organizers and guides involved in the channel of illegal migration.

It will be recalled that since June 15, almost 450 illegal migrants are detected, of them 41 – children, during the Inter-Agency operation “Border-2015”.


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