Border guards detained Somalis in Transcarpathia and person probably involved in organized criminal grouping


picState Border Guard Service of Ukraine on request of the President of Ukraine continues to take measures aiming at counteraction to unlawful activities at the state border. Nowadays, special operations are conducted involving Force Departments not only of our country and of the neighboring ones as well. One of them is “Border-2015”, the principal target of which is to fight against illegal migration.

Thus, in the course of the state border monitoring in the area of BS “Velykyi Bereznyi” of Chop Detachment border guards detected the citizen of Ukraine nearby the fence, who seeing the border guards intended to escape. However, in a result of prepared actions, the runaway was caught. After documents checking it was established that detainee was called to responsibility for organization of illegal migrants’ transportation more than once. Thus, a decision was made immediately to strengthen the control measures and commence the search in the area of responsibility regarding possible detection of persons, which could be accompanied by the detainee to Slovakia.

Soon, border guards exposed 5 men of African appearance without documents 400 meters before the state border line. According to their words – all of them are migrants from Somalia.

So far, the illegal migrants are delivered to Border Subdivision. Their further destiny will be defined by the court. Regarding the citizen of Ukraine a criminal proceeding is commenced by the fact of his action as well as the work on detection of the organizer and accomplices involved in organization of the channel for illegal migration.