Afghanis intending to get to Hungary came against border guards in Transcarpathia


picBorder guards detained the violators intending to escape to Hungary in the area of BS “Salovka” – two men, two women and two children. In the course of detention the men resisted, however, these attempts were stop by efforts of mobilized military men.

Catching 14 illegal migrants, it was established that a big group of illegal migrants was brought to the border area not far from Chop aiming to take them over the border.

On purpose to prevent this attempt, border guards started to inspect the villages, and illegal migrants learning this decided to cross the border in broad daylight.

The border guards noticed the group of persons moving towards Hungary and waited till they reached the border.

According to the words of the violators, they were the citizens of Afghanistan. They had no any documents. Now, the circumstances of their arrival to Ukraine are under clarification, in particular to Transcarpathia, who brought them to border Transcarpathian villages and where they had been hiding.