Afghanis are still escaping to Europe


picIn the course of the filtration actions it was learned that a big group of foreigners had arrived to one of the border villages. Aiming not admit the illegal cross of the state border, border guards started the examination of the populated areas within the border line. A complex of measures was continued by the subdivisions of the State Border Service.

Six “travelers” were stopped by the guards during the attempt to cross the state border on Hungary. During detention the unfamiliar persons tried to resist, however, in the result of the coordinated actions of the border detail the violators were apprehended. According to the words of the citizens moving without documents, it was established that they were the migrants from Afghanistan.

One group of five persons, also from Afghanistan, was detained by the border guards of BS “Stuzhytsya” of the same detachment. They also planned to cross the border on Slovakia in illegal way – beyond the check point.

Besides, border guards of Mukachevo Detachment exposed a citizen of Gambia with invalid certificate on refugee status granting in the regular bus “Rakhov-Mukachevo” in the area of responsibility of BS “Delovoe”.

The further verification actions are performed regarding the detainees as well as persons involved in this affair are establishing.