Syrian refugees are intended to be offloaded to Transcarpathian residents


picThe law enforcement agents in Transcarpathia organizes a secret-service network in Transcarpathia including local residents to fight against the possible flow of migrant from the countries of the Northern Africa and Nearer East to Ukraine.

It was mentioned by the expert on migration Omar Uzarashvili.

“Temporary point will be installed at the border, control to be reinforced and cooperation with local inhabitants will be established. Before, every third person informed the border guards, so now every second will act in this way. No walls or barbed wires will be placed – it is prohibited by the requirements to enter EU. The secret service of local residents is the most reliable method”, — Uzarashvilli tells.

The associate director of State Border Guard Service Oleg Slobodyan has confirmed this: “But we will not idealize the situation – half of the inhabitants assist us, and the half helps illegal migrants”, — Slobodyan marked.

Besides, scanners to X-ray the shipment are promptly delivered from Odessa as they are in need namely in Transcarpathia.

As a rule, illegal migrants are coming to our country on foot through woods or they are transported in the narrow buses to border rivers, make get out and they ford a river or by swim here. However, there are other ways.

“For example, the citizens of Syria under the pretence of the students conclude the agreements with the universities of other countries, and go to Europe. Or they make Armenian passports, as there is a big Diaspora of Armenians in Syria, and arrive to Ukraine, where they stay at the flats and then move towards the required border”, — Slobodyan reports.