Migrants from Syria attempting to get to Germany found a way roundabout Hungary



As to the statements of local Mass Media, the buses are now redirected towards Croatia, form where the migrants plan to get Germany through Slovenia and Austria, it is reported by BBC.

Migrants intending to get to Germany have found a way beyond Hungary, its authorities set a barrier along Serbia with a barbed wire. Hundreds of migrants spent night at the closed Hungarian-Serbian border. People had to collect firewood to get the fire going.

It will be recalled that on Monday a new migration law came into force allowing to arrest illegal migrants arriving to the country in illegal way. Besides, police closed the railroad crossing being used to enter Hungary to ten thousand persons.

Thereof, today Austria has introduced a border control at its southern and eastern borders. Thus, the country tries to manage with growing inflow of migrants, who during some days has been strengthened again after measures taken by Hungary. The control is renewed at the borders on Hungary, Italy, Slovenia and Slovakia.

As it was mentioned by the Minister of Interior of Austria Johan Mikl-Laitener, Vienna will behave in this situation “by example of Germany”. The control intensity at the border will be kept at that level required to enable security”, – it was said in the letter of Austrian authorities directed to Brussels.

Also, the Austrian Minister marked on the air of ORF TV channel that migrants will not be returned back to Hungary. According to her words, for now “no one will be sent back” considering the situation in Hungary. Germany will not return refugees to Austria as well. “It was an agreement”, – she said.

Source: http://www.ua-reporter.com/novosti/178122