Transcarpathia will support Europe and shelter refugees from Africa and Syria


picUkraine will make that Hungary refused to do – place refugees from the Northern Africa and the Nearer East on its territory. So, Transcarpathians will have to prepare – we will have to shelter refugees from Africa and Syria in addition to the internally displaced persons from Donbass. To the point, high-rising buildings are constructed in Uzhgorod in accelerated tempo.

Ukrainian part will provide assistance to Europe overcoming the migration crisis. It was reported by State Migration Service of Ukraine. Ukrainian part announces about its readiness to support Europe regarding the solution of the migration crisis and accepts the part of refugees on its territory” – it was said in the statement.

It is worth to mention that on behalf of the President of Ukraine and in accordance with the Law “About refugees and persons in need of subsidiary or temporary protection” as of 08.07.2011 State Migration Service of Ukraine conducts evaluation of national capacities on acceptance of displaced persons and together with other state power authorities performs preparatory measures on refit of the border posts and construction of camps for primary accommodation of the refugees.