Pakistani has organized smuggling of illegal migrants to EU countries in Transcarpathia


picCitizen of Pakistan is threatened with 7 years of imprisonment, who organized unlawful transportation of illegal migrants in Transcarpathia through the state border of Ukraine.

Transcarpathian Public Prosecutor’s Office has ratified a crime bill as to the citizen of Islamic Republic of Pakistan being accused in organization of unlawful transportation of illegal migrants through the state border of Ukraine on preliminary agreement by the group of persons (P.2 Art. 332 of Crime Code of Ukraine).

Pre-trial investigation established that accused person made the agreement with another citizen of Pakistan in February-March of the current year in order to smuggle three citizens of Afghanistan from the city of Chernovtsy to the territory of Transcarpathian region and then with the assistance of three Transcarpathians to transport them to Slovakia in illegal way.

However, illegal migrants were apprehended by the officers of Chop Border Detachment not far from the state border of Ukraine.

In accordance with the sanction P.2 Art.332 of CCU the accused is threatened with punishment in the form of imprisonment for the term of 5-7 years with confiscation of vehicles and other means of crime commitment.